Comprehensive Wind Mitigation Reports & Roof Certifications in Central Florida

Have the information you need with wind mitigation reports and roof certifications from Liberty Property Inspections, Inc. We give you the information that's crucial to receiving a discount with your insurance company.

Wind Mitigation Measurements

Our experts recommend getting a wind mitigation report because of the high winds we get during hurricane season. Certified in the latest certification required by Florida for Wind Mitigation Measurements and Reports, you'll receive a report from a true professional. You'll want this report as some insurance companies give discounts on your insurance, depending on the reports given and evaluations for buyers and insurance companies.

Wind Mitigation Reports Pricing
• Standalone: $125 • With Home inspection: $50

Know the Life of the Roof

A roof certification determines the condition and potential life left in the roof. The factors we look at include checking each of the roofing materials, type of materials, and an inspection of the architectural design of the shingles. We see if anything is curling up, loose, or missing. Additionally, we'll check for any deterioration or holes from hail strikes, as well as loss of granules.

Roof Certification Pricing

• Standalone: $125 • With Home Inspections: $50


Report - Wind Mitigation Reports

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